Why Alternative Energy Sources Like Solar and Wind Energy Are the Future?

Why Alternative Energy Sources Like Solar and Wind Energy Are the Future?

12 May 2022

solar and wind energy

Did you know that Solar power solutions India has currently, amount to more than 50 GW of cumulative installed solar capacity, making it a rapidly growing industry in India and one to watch out for!

Fossil fuels are responsible for more than 80% of global energy requirements (Forbes, June 2020). Our dependence on fossil fuels is resulting in the depletion of natural resources. Every year oil and natural gas consumption reaches a new high and if this continues, very soon we will run out of natural resources like coal. The story has another side where an increase in consumption of fossil fuels is also leading to environmental pollution. Every year, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions reach a new high. Thus, we are not only depleting resources but also hampering the environment, disrupting the balance in the ecosystem.

Could solar and wind energy be the solution?

The answer is well-known to everyone – stop consuming fossil fuels and look for alternative sources of energy. Any source of energy that is non-fossil fuel dependent is an alternative source of energy; may or may not be renewable. This means that all renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy are alternative sources but not the other way round. Some alternative sources of energy like nuclear energy are not renewable and are not replenished on their own.

Commonly used alternative energy sources

  • Solar energy solutions – The first name that comes on top of our minds is solar energy. Solar energy can be used on a small scale to power home appliances or streetlights or on a larger scale to power an entire firm or factory. The process of generating energy is fairly simple and both business organizations and government bodies are pushing toward using solar energy in a scalable manner. If you are looking for solar energy solutions, speak to us at Altilium, a leading organization that’s into solar and wind energy consulting in India.
  • Wind energy – Over the last 10 years, energy generated from wind power has tripled in the US. Like solar power, wind power can also be generated both on a small and large scale. A lot of farms across the world are using wind power to power their operations. A small drawback exists with wind power – it cannot be used effectively in crowded metropolitan cities. Wind power always requires large open spaces for the wind to be strong enough to rotate the turbines of the windmills.
  • Hydroelectric energy – Another popular source of alternative energy, is produced when water behind a dam is allowed to fall on the turbines and the turbines, in turn, produce power. This source of energy is used across the world in many places to power homes and businesses.

Beyond solar and wind energy solutions, and hydroelectric energy, you will also find nuclear, tidal, hydrogen, and geothermal energy in the list of alternative energy sources. Solar and wind are the most popular, efficient, and reliable sources of alternative energy. At the same time, they are the most affordable options when it comes to alternative energy.

Undoubtedly, when we use alternative energy sources, we protect natural resources, preserve our environment, and create economic well-being. Global warming and climate change issues top every international and national convention and reducing dependency on fossil fuels will go a long way in reversing climate change and restoring balance on the planet. At Altilium, a leading organization that’s into solar and wind energy consulting in India, we help organizations devise their net zero strategies.

As technology improves, the cost of producing solar and wind energy also reduces and becomes more effective and affordable. Continuing on this path, we can say that alternative sources are the future and in less than 30 years they would completely replace fossil fuels.

With an overall team experience of 45 years in the Indian power sector, at Altilium, a leading organization that’s into solar and wind energy consulting in India, our array of services includes bespoke Electricity Regulatory advisory, energy portfolio management, Renewable Energy offtake & trade, open access services, and Renewable Energy Projects management, to name a few. Being one of the leading CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) approved power trading companies in India, Altilium is managing a trading volume of 5 Mus (million units) every quarter for its clients PAN India through spot market transactions and other open access modes (short-term/medium-term power supply). If you are looking to explore solar power solutions India has currently, connect with us at hello@altilium.co.in

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